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The Normal Hoof


Diseases of the Hoof

The Hoof Project's bibliography section is designed to be a resource for individuals seeking information regarding clinical and scientific publications dealing with the foot and hoof. The HP will be updating this section on a timely basis for inclusion of new publications as well as older publications as they are located. For ease of use, the publications have been sorted into Anatomy, Biomechanics, Circulation, Hydration, Growth and Nutrition, Pharmacology, Shoeing, and Disease sections. Some publications will be included in multiple sections. If a more focused search is needed, please contact the HP directly.

Within subject sections, publications are further sorted based on the type of publication. This latter grouping is being done so that the user can more readily locate the type of information desired. Current categories include:

Research Publications: References in this section are restricted to published reports dealing with basic or applied research. References in this section contain technical information focused on a specific subject. Given the quality control imposed by most journals, the references included in this section tend to be factual rather than opinion.

Scientific Abstracts and Reports: This section contains brief reports of new research data presented at scientific meetings. When first presented these abstracts and reports usually precede their subsequent publication in research publications.

Review Articles: Articles found in this section are fully referenced articles that seek to summarize findings from multiple research efforts. In general, these articles are focused on broader areas than are research publications and may reflect the authors viewpoints and opinions of how the findings can be interpreted.

Case Reports and Case Series: Case reports are descriptions of individual or groups of horses with a specific foot problem. These contain specific and sometime unique clinical findings and observations. Research publications reporting results from studies involving a limited number of horses are included in this section.

Presentations and Clinical Summaries: Published reports made at various meetings, seminars, and symposiums and those publications that describe a specific diagnostic or clinical approach are included in this section. References in this section are typically general summaries and usually reflect the authors opinions, personal clinical experience, and preferences regarding a subject.

Editorials and Letters: Citations in this section are typically brief statements that express the opinion of an individual regarding a specific topic.

Theses and Dissertations